The Art Diffusion line consists of over 150 architectural wall panel patterns. These panels are either sculpted or carved using a CNC Router. Art Diffusion offers a dramatic alternative to traditional flat wall panels and contains design elements such as waves, ornamental textures, modular repeating patterns and continuous patterns. The standard size is 4’x8’, however custom sizes, as well as a wide array of custom finishes, are also offered. Interlam is happy to create custom panels.

Similar to the Art Diffusion line, Elements also offers CNC routed panels. These patterns are specifically more monolithic than those of the Art Diffusion line. The Elements style was inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  Rohe is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture. His Twentieth-Century architectural style was stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. Adopting these principals, Interlam is proud to present “ELEMENTS”. Each design is truly inspired by the visual cues and elements that share our environment. This compilation incorporates Interlam’s unique interpretation through austerity of line and juxtaposition of masses. Some of these panels have limitations for custom sizing.

Screens from Interlam are CNC routed out of MDF. There are approximately 40 screen patterns. Custom patterns are available. Some of the screens are offered with a painted finish. The screens can also be produced in Interlam’s through-colored MDF called ForesCOLOR ( Custom sizes are available for most screens, but there are some limitations. Please contact ECS when specifying screens, we are happy to help guide you through this process.

Super Rock offers the perfect opportunity for a seamless installation. These gypsum based cast textured panels are available in dozens of patterns varying in size and thickness. All of our Super Rock panels have repeating patterns which will allow a continuous flow of pattern to infinity. Super Rock contains no Formaldehyde, no plastics, no VOC’s and is produced without the use of chemical inhibitors, accelerants, or release agents. Super Rock is completely non-flammable and does not support smoke development under ASTM E84. Please note: Super Rock is only available unfinished. Super Rock in its raw/unfinished form is white in color.

Titan is a solid surface material with a texture on the face. There are nine patterns available and it comes in white only. Panels come in 2 sizes (5’x8’ for shower feature walls or 20” x 10’ for backsplashes) and can be used anywhere—inside or outside. Custom sizes are not available. The pattern will not flow from panel to panel for the 5’x8’ size. If a colored finish is required, acrylic based paint can be used on this product. Shower kits are also available (feature wall, 2 side walls, and pan).

Motion I and Motion II are 4’x8’ real wood veneers (and some engineered wood veneers) that have been embossed/pressed to create a subtly textured panel. These panels are sold 4’x8’ only.  Within this line there are approximately 2 dozen patterns and several wood grain finishes to choose from. The panels are available in a couple of thicknesses. The veneer itself is 1.2 mm thick or it can be ordered on a thin phenolic backer that is 4mm thick. These panels are a great way to introduce subtle textures into a project and can be applied to walls, desks, and other surfaces. It can be used for interior purposes only.

The beautiful patterns from Motion I and Motion II are also available in a thin, metal textured surface. These panels are 4’x8’ and available in 4 finishes: white non-gloss, white high gloss, specular clear (chrome), and specular copper.

Metal Screens are made from a mild steel that is laser cut for precise, unique patterns. Custom sizes and patterns are available. These metal screens are appropriate for exterior as well as interior applications.

Micro Thin Slate is a real slate veneer applied to a fiberglass backer that allows for significant flexibility. The panels are 2’x4’ and come in 9 colors.

Custom tempered ultra-clear glass is available from Interlam. You can use any non-textured laminate from the Lab Design line for laminated glass. Custom patterns can be printed directly onto the glass. Fabric can be laminated inside 2 sheets of glass. Shattered glass in many shades/hues are also available. Thicknesses vary from ¼” – 3” and are based on the intended application.

The Barnwood veneers offer the look of authentic reclaimed barnwood without the price. These veneers are 4’x8’ and come in five colors.

ForesCOLOR is a through colored engineered wood, similar to MDF, but approximately 30% stronger, heavier, and more dense. This product is dyed using organic dyes at the fiber level before being pressed into boards. Standard thickness is 19mm (3/4”), but other thicknesses are also available. ForesCOLOR is available in nine colors.